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Sky HD offer HD test card for calibration


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Sky have launched an animated HD version of BBC's "Test card F" (i.e. the one with the girl and the clown and blackboard). The objective is to help with calibration of HD output from Sky HD set top box, and setup: aspect ratio, brightness (black level) and contrast (white level), colours and greyscale, sharpness, and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Available from 22 May the test card is a ten minute clip with animated centre, staring Myleene Klass. It's currently running on channel 268 but will become a permanent Sky Anytime selection later in the year.

Much more information here: http://sky.com/hd/news.htm#myleene


Its on sky anytime tv now the show is about 15min longs the lady in the show gives you a few test cards and test sounds to set dolby digital up aswell, Is quite a good show