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Sky high

dig deep

Prince of Birthdays
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Today I was taking the dogs for a walk and looked up into the sky

I saw Venus as bright as a torchlight and my mind spinned away for a while

If U have the chance, bring a binocular and get out and have a lookie at the sky(do it now, soon it will be to much light)

Look at the Milky Way Billions of stars and even more planets

Then, U broden up your view and look even deeper into the sky

U see billions of stars, and billions of Milky Ways

Then, U start to think - whats up U say What is this ??

More Billions of stars Billions of them All this from this small tiny point they call the Big Bang ??????

Look up and reconsider :) This is amazing

Now, where is God ?
and why do we (all of us) worry about tomorrow ?

Worry about the sky, why and who and when

After the look - up, all Your problems is much smaller :)

So, when U are down and sad, have a lookie and get back on Your feet