Sky: L!VE TV Launch with Cable Backlash



Cheap and cheerful yet priceless entertainment has returned to screens across the UK and Ireland as L!VE TV made it comeback to the small screen yesterday on Sky channel 274. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, favourites such as Lie Detector, The Why Files hunting out extra-terrestrial beings and the infamous adult entertainment from topless darts all feature in the new schedules.

Not in the least-bit dismissive of its previous demise, the following statement has been printed on the station's website:

"In November 1999, the Evil Empire (cable companies) conspired to deprive the good people of the United Kingdom of the best thing that ever happened to them - L!VE TV.

Interestingly, since that time, the dotcom bust, world terrorism, war in Iraq, and the decline in the birth-rate are all directly atrributable to the sickening loss of L!VE TV. Needless to say all the cable companies are broke and on their collective arse.

Anyway, now the bunny is back...."

It will be interesting to see if there is ever a return to cable ("the Evil Empire") at a later date, but for now L!VE TV is available completely free-to-air on Sky channel 274 24 hours a day. Full schedules available at