SKY Selects Soundfield Microphones


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British Sky Broadcasting has specified SoundField microphone systems to capture crowd ambience in 5.1 surround for Sky Sports HD Premiership Soccer coverage, which begins transmission in early 2006.

After a lengthy evaluation period involving tests at many soccer grounds around the UK, Sky decided to standardize on SoundField in view of the level of clarity and realism demanded by the HD format. Another main consideration was SoundField's ability to collapse any 5.1 surround mix to stereo or mono without introducing any phase problems, making it ideal for live broadcast applications where events will be transmitted in HD and SD (Standard Definition) simultaneously. SoundField systems will be permanently installed at Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal where more regular HD coverage will be broadcast.

Pieter Schillebeeckx, SoundField technical sales, comments, "We worked very closely with Sky during the evaluation period to ensure that SoundField technology was integrated reliably into the surround sound transmission process. The SPS422B microphone is suspended from the TV gantry above the crowd with the control unit at ground level for full polar pattern and directional control. The B-Format feed from the SPS422B is then sent to the OB truck for 5.1 conversion using our SP451 processor which outputs the six discrete channels."

Source: IBC News


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Cool ! So we get to hear the Shed roar in the rear speakers,Rooney swear at front left ,Reyes fall over at front right ,and the whistle at centre.