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Ok I want to get Sky but I also want to get Spanish channels but I don't want to be limited to one satellite.
What is the best way to do this as I haven't brought anything yet!
I know I have to get the Sky digibox and dish can I upgrade these to receive Spanish channels or do I have to buy another satellite system as well as Sky.

Thanks for the help.

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Since the Sky box can accept limited symbol rates, you are stuck with one or two transponders on Astra 1 and Hotbird (with maybe a chance of Hispasat) that provide Spanish TV if your location allows it.

Your standard Zone 1 dish will not normally be large enough for reliable reception on these satellites if you move it on the wall (though I know somebody reading will state the opposite)

If you can get your friendly installer to fit a Zone 2 dish in a loction where you can easily access it, you should find that with some trial and error you will see pictures when you retune to the right frequency

Thats the cheapest way, as you get the equipment for nothing with a Sky subscription (unless your installer finds one of a million possible / hyperthetical reasons to charge you for non standard fitting).