Sky Sport IT and/or Calcio Channels ??



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I have 2 questions asking for someone with a sub to Sky Sport + Calcio:

1) Does Sky Italia (Sky Sport and/or Calcio channels) show games from the FA cup and Carling cup?

2) If I remember correctly from last season's listings, if for example a CL game is shown on Sky Sport 1 then it is also shown on one of the 14 Calcio channels. I am asking this because I am wondering as to what is the point of subscribing to both Sky Sport IT and Calcio channels when you can get all premiership games, FA, Carling and CL on the Calcio channels regardless of whether they are also shown on Sky Sport at the same time (in case like mine where I want to follow Chelsea's games). In other words are all the footie games shown on Sky Sport IT shown on Calcio channels as well ?!

Thank you !