Sky Sports pub channels??



does anyone know what the "sky sports 1,2,3 in pubs" channels are (freq. 11934V) - the screen message says 08 - programme not available?

and would there be any way to receive these channels - the reason i am asking is because the footprint would be a lot more favourable for where i live (finland) than the normal sky sports channels.

clutching at straws i know...

thanks for any help in advance!



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The're the Sky Sports channels that you receive on a Sky Pub&Club subscription (or whatever they are called, ‘business’ or ‘non-residential’)

The only way to receive them is to get a Pub subscription with Sky. The cost depends on the size of your (supposed) pub. For a small-medium sized one expect to pay around £300 a month.

Also Sky might call around to the address you said was your pub to check that you don’t have a massive pub and are only paying for a small one.

Probably better to find a pub and spend the £300 a month in there :D – that said most of the pubs in Europe have Sky on a residential subscription.

Of course you could get a bigger dish.