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Hi all,
My brother lives in Germany and has asked me to find out how he can get Sky over there, so he can watch the sport especially with the Rugby world cup coming soon? (on ITV i think) Would a normal Sky set up work the type that most people have here in the UK. Does anyone have any ideas.. If so what would be my best way about getting this sorted for him..

Any help would be appreaciated..


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Just get him a secondhand box Steve and if he wants to subscribe, ring up Sky and get them to send you a subscription card, you can then connect the receiver to your dish and phone line and activate the card. Post the receiver and card to your brother and get him to obtain and erect a dish in Germany, the size of dish will depend on where he is, see sticky thread at top of this section.

If he doesn't want any subscription channels, I'm not sure whether the BBC are still sending out FTV cards, there may be a short wait until the situation is clarified.