Sky upgrade offer

At the end of January I received an offer from Sky. They switched on all the channels on my FREEWIEW card for a month free of charge which was very nice.

I received a new letter from Sky on 2nd March telling me that the offer had ended and asking me to contact them if I wished to upgrade my FREEVIEW subscription.

A couple of days before the offer ran out I removed the card because I needed the slot for my Dutch Canal Digitaal card. Today (Two weeks later) I was going to watch Channel 5 so I put the skycard back into the slot. Lo and behold, all the Sky channels were still working. I quickly removed the card and started typing this message.

As my card was not in the box it has not been switched off. Does anyone know how long Sky send the "switchoff" signal? or will I be able to watch these channels for a while longer.

I am using a Dreambox 7025SS and I have now turned off all auto updates in the Cam software.

I hope someone can give me a knowledgeable answer.


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dont put the card in a sky box.

Use it in a dreambox or cam, you should get around a month of viewing. if you get more its a bonus :)

after that period the card will disable itself you will then need to put it in a sky box to re activate it.

When you took the card out it wasnt able to update, by placing it in the dm and turned off the updates you are thus blocking the turn off signal :)


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It will go off of its own accord when it misses its authorisation signal.

Sky dont use "kill commands" on cards - they use "stay alive commands" - :D

So if you are using a DB image that passes the signals it will deauthorise anyway and if the image blocks the signals it will stop working until it goes into a sky box. You cant win long term :D