Sky's Music channels launch today



Sky's three new music channels officially launched on schedule at 2pm today (Thursday 17th).

The Amp, Scuzz and Flaunt were added to the Sky Digital EPG in positions 469, 471 and 473 respectively just after midday. Each then began showing a rolling loop of the channel ident indicating the 2pm launch time. All three of the channels simulcast advert breaks periodically during the pre-launch period.

The interactive services went live just before launch, and are available by pressing the red button on the Sky remote.

Flaunt: channel 473

Flaunt features a mix of chart, urban and dance music aimed at "streetwise, fashion conscious girls". The likes of Justin Timberlake, Pink, Ms Dynamite, J-Lo and Kelly Rowland grace the playlist.

During the pre-launch period, Flaunt broadcast Eminem's 'Sing for the Moment' as the background track to its looping ident.

The Amp: channel 469

The Amp is tailored for "discerning fans of authentic, unmanufactured music" and has a playlist with artists such as White Stripes, Oasis, Doves and Massive Attack.

The background track on The Amp during the pre-launch period was Coldplay's latest release, 'Clocks'.

Scuzz: channel 471

Scuzz is billed as the "natural viewing home for disruptive rock fans," with a playlist including Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte and AFI.

Scuzz looped Audioslave's 'Like A Stone' over the channel ident during the prelaunch period.