SkyStar 2 and Diseqc questions..


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Phoenix Apollo ci converted to OpenBox.
Sky_star 2 PCI card.
Nokia DBox2c.
Sagem Dbox2c.
60cm Channel Master @ 28° ALPS LNB.
60cm Channel Master @ 19° Syntec 2000LNB.
Diseq Switch.
Panasonic TU-DSB30.
Duolabs Dynamite & Cas2+ interface. Matri
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Hi all, Can you tell me if I need a plugin for ProgDVB to switch a Global 2 way Diseqc switch or should ProgDVB (4.40) be able to control the switch without extra plugins. I also need to know if my card supports Diseqc, its a technisat SkyStar 2 PCI but I'm not sure of a revision number etc for it i.e. do all past and present SS2 cards support diseqc? In the device list on ProgDVB it only states: Disable power on lnb, Transport stream and 22Khz Control, there is no mention of Diseqc, it lists my device as a SkyStar 2 Version 1.08 and API version 1.23. Hope this is enough info to go on. If I do require a plugin could you point me in the right direction plz? Many thx, Lucifer. I've only had my set up about 1 week and with help from this forum i've got 60cm dish with 2 lnbs, 1 at 19 east and the other at 13 east, ProgDVB up and running with Yaknse plugin and softcam files! Keep it up. thanks,