Skystar HD MediaPortal

My Satellite Setup
120cm, DisEqC 1.2, SkyStar 2 PCI, SkyStar HD, MediaPortal, TVEngineV3, ProgDVB
My Location
There was a thread a while ago about using this card, just wondered if anyone has had any luck with it of late.

I setup a fresh XP box with this card in. I was really hoping it would work with MediaPortal. Unfortunately quiet soon into the channel search the configuration program crashed. So I tried ProgDVB same problem crashed during a channel scan.

I have had the card working well with the manufacture’s software (TechniSat TV Center) but even then I had a crash doing a channel scan with the dish pointing in some directions.
I’m quiet exited about getting a HD card working with Mediaportal TV Server but I’m having these problems.

Thought about tying different codecs but I don’t think this would effect a channel scan.

Anyone any ideas?