Skystar2 revisions and sensitivity


I am looking to possibly changing my Hauppauge HVR3000 for a Skystar2 for satellite reception in order to get better sensitivity and maybe correct some reception problems I have (see my other thread).

I am trying to get Hotbird with an old sky dish but I suspect either the dish is too small or the card is not good enough at tuning weak signals. I'm in Northern Ireland so probably quite at the edge of the beam.

From what I gathered on the web (inlcuding here), the revision 2.3 had a more sensitive tuner but ran much hotter than revision 2.6 does.

Running hot is bad for me as I am running a fanless HTPC so I am leaning towards the revision 2.6 but if my reception problem is du to sensitivity issue, then maybe 2.3 would be better.

Anyone knows more details about how good/bad the tuners are and hot/cool the version are.


My Satellite Setup
SkyStar 2
Ubuntu 7.01/Windows XP
Astra 28.2
My Location
South Wales
I can't speak for the 2.6 revision. But I recently installed a 2.3 and they run very hot, to the extent that it prevents that card from working after a few minutes of use. I am going to modify mine later on today with a bigger heat sink and possibly a fan if the heat sink alone wont do it.

I'd suggest that you try the 2.6 first if I was you.