So I am confused!



I was one of those old ITV Digital watchers until a little while ago when the monkey went to see the administrator.

I have just been scanning the posts here and I am lost! Can you programme cards to watch sky sports?

I would be most grateful if you could reply with any sort of information to clear what I have been told by a friend. He informed me that he has a box that allows him to watch all the channels (I know about the telephone and the 9V trick and it is not that) Is he likely to be lying?

Also I do understand that the old gold card do not work but why do some replies say that silver or fun cards may work?

If any one could give me some help I would be most grateful.

Thanks John.


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Well there are some hardware hacks around that will enable all channel viewing, but they're all for cable as far as I know, so your friend may well be watching free Sky sports, but it's unlikely to be on Sky Digital.

If he genuinely is watching Sky digital over satellite and using a "magic Box" to obtain all channels, then he's managed to get hold of one of the best kept secrets around. :)

Als there are no card hacks for free viewing of Sky digital.