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I seem to be haivng little luck using softcams.

I've folloewd all the threads of advise posted here and don't seem to be de-encrypting anything.

My dish is pointing at hotbird 13 deg E - I've got Yankse and the Emu2 plugins installed along with the latest softcam file all in the progdvb folder - progdvb recognises the yankse and emu2 apps (don't know whether these should be run simultaneosly?) - but when I go to the monitor window for yankse it is just running what look to be all kinds of alternative keys in an attempt to decode the feed? How do I know which encryption types a particular softcam can decode? And do I have to wait a while for the key to decode a channel or should this happen immediately if it's going to work at all? For instance the channel I'm looking at currently uses nagravision - can I expec a softcam key to decode this? Could someone give me a specific example of a hotbird channel that WILL work with encryption so I can concentrate on getting one known instance to work? Would anybody be kind enough to explain the whole process to me as I'm not sure I'm understanding this whole keys, softcam, encryption process?

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Make sure you have the latest TP$ fixed S2emu.dll, which is V1.13. The numbering can be a bit of a nightmare as there have been other V1.13's and even a V1.14, but I got my latest one from Dean's Place (see our links section).

Get the latest mach1 key file from any good source, and make sure you also get all the other files which came with S2emu V1.12.

Lose Y#nkse. It's had it's day.

All files go in the root directory. 13E has loads open at the moment.