Some Semi Newbie Questions



Hello, I have a few questions about SE*A, programmers and software,
here is my list.

1. I want to use a PCB card with a PIC16F84 and a 24LC16. How do I connect these devices to the 6 pads? (maybe a link to a PCBlayout)

2. While surfing I found about 50 programmers. Wich one is easy to build and usefull for my combination. Do I program the IC's seperatly or can I leave them on the PCB.

3. I Also found a lot of software for the programmers, what software do you suggest for the programmer suggested above? (e.g. Chipcat, what homebuild programmer to use)

4. How do I get the keys into the HEX files? Can I use a program as SecaUtil or SecanixEditor?

Thanks in advance to everybody replying to this thread :-)


1. This question is kind of pointless when even PCB cards are made to the ISO7816 "smartcard" standard, which means that any ISO7816 card will connect to any ISO7816 card reader.

I believe that I have the ISO7816 specification around here someplace if you need it.

Also I stock ISO7816 compatible card PCBs and ISO7816 card readers if you need them.

2. I am not sure why you wish to build a programmer instead of buying one, but a popular model to make is CLaNZeR's BUILD5 model, where I can point you to the site if you wish.

Not a model as powerful as say ELVIS, but it can do many things and a good DIY model to make.

3. Software depends on programmer type. And firmware depends on the card type, service you wish to see, and then sometimes the receiver type can play a part.

4. Not a question I can answer, but think key editors and the vital step of going and finding out.