Sonysat DSR-7000 U-CAS+2CI


Mar 21, 2008
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Good afternoon to all.

Does anybody have any information regarding the Sonysat DSR-7000 U-CAS+2CI receiver please,

I can hear people saying - A WHAT !!

I have been using it as a FTA box when on holiday in the caravan,

I have found the old Sonysat site which specifies the last officialy published software and loader but I cannot find any other useful information about it, even by using google. I have also used the search functions on several other sites with no luck.

I would like to be able to get the box working properly by loading some K**s and possibly by updating the UCAS

I took the cover off and found that the main PCB has a reference number which is SUC2200CF_1M and this shows up on a web search to _h**p://

I can only assume that the same pcb is used in a Nextwave model, but it does not specify which Nextwave model it is used in, and on the official Nextwave site there is no listing of the pcb.

So any information would be a starting point

an idiots guide would be nice, as the user manual is as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Thanks in advance