Sound Problem & FTP Problem


Dreambox Gimp & Coder
My Satellite Setup
2 Dreamboxes..........
--- DM 8000 HD PVR & DM 800 HD ---
Motek SG2100 & Triax 80cm Dual LNB
------ Fixed Dish 28e Quad LNB -------
---- Sly HD Full & 24" Apple iMAC ----
My Location
Hi guys, you can see my setup on the left there... I'm just setting up each lnb seperatly at the moment before I move on to install my switch. So far I have scanned hotbird and got over 1000 channels, but on every channel the audio is SLOW , as in , people are talkin in slow motion . Ever seen this ? any tips on what might be wrong. So far, I installed CamD3.825. and the keys.

Sorted the FTP problem, I was trying to connect on Port 80 as the settings shows, but now I know to use port 21 ! Tsh, I should have known it would be different to what it shows you !

Thanks for any help...