Sports prankster Karl Power gets Old Trafford life ban




Serial sports prankster Karl Power has been banned from Old Trafford for life by Manchester United officials.

Power and nine friends fooled United security staff before Saturday's game with Liverpool into thinking they were part of an official pre-match sponsorship group.

The group, all wearing official Manchester United tops, got on the pitch and lined up for a photograph before making their way to the Scoreboard End of the ground.

They then re-enacted Diego Forlan's opening goal in the previous league game with Liverpool at Anfield.

The scorer was wearing a blond-wig, with the goalkeeper taking off his United shirt to reveal a Liverpool one, with 'Dudek' on the back, a reference to the Pole's blunder which gave the Uruguayan his tap-in.

Once they had completed their act, the group ran to the Liverpool fans, incensing them with their celebrations.

Greater Manchester Police arrested all 10 for "encroachment" although it is believed they could also face more serious offences. They have now been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Power's previous scams included lining-up alongside the United team ahead of a Champions League tie with Bayern Munich, walking out to bat during an England Test match, and knocking-up at Wimbledon during last year's tennis championship.

A club spokesman said: "Obviously this is a police matter now, so we cannot say too much. However, we are treating the incident very seriously and all 10 people involved will be banned from Old Trafford for life."


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guess this is the kind of silly nonsense that happens when you've got supposed adults that make a living out of playing games and delude themsleves into believing it's something important. Hope the police tell Manchester United officials to grow-up (and also while they're at it ask them why they're not called in to deal with more serious matters like the countless common assults that those overgrown children commit every week on their playgrounds).