SR-X150D Plus without Card Need Help



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Hello ....

i have SR-X150D PLUS and i have problem to upgrade it ... i Had download the latest update

from and the one for Myeceiver it's because my receiver H/W 2.10

But when I am trying to download it to the receiver give me this msg model Id error

U can see in pic

But I had old firmware where I can download it as in

means only firmware with Model id I can download them or as in EMedit Description

as like this

I could not use EMUpgrade because got just port 1 and 2 I am using Laptop without com ports so I have exchanger from USB to Com port it’s taken name port 4 if any one have EMUpgrade with port 4 pls send me it .

if any one can help send me the latest update with model id or tell me the way to download it to the receiver and tell me how to download the key to it 2

if you want help me to unlock channels using msn or yahoo

msn : Email address removed

yahoo : sam424544

N/P : as I said I could download to the receiver the old firmware I had and I could get from receiver .