Still no Armenia tv...Strange..?? Help?! Anyone?


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hey guys..I have been trying to view Armenia tv on eutelsat w2 12.725v sr 3418..

They started changing their pids regularly, and my reciever couldnt even scan for the channel anymore so I bought a Skystar 2 with the hope of finding it. Now I scan for the channel and Armenia TV appears but with no picture, and when I look at channel properties the PIDs, etc are all 0, which im presuming is the problem.

Ive used the PID scanner plugin for ProgDVB and none are identified, although this is made for data pids so thats perhaps why.

The whole situation is starting to baffle me now, perhaps someone else could shed some light on the situation?

Armenia TV claim they are now scrambled, but the reciever they are selling doesnt even have a cam? weird....