STR4125 If you have one please read this


Dec 30, 2006
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I fabricated my computer using mostly Intel Parts and using the Windows XP operating system. My satellite receiver is a Ariza Extreme
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If you do not have a STR4125 dont waste your time reading this. My STR 4125 S/N 63040321495 with the D3C chip. I have loaded it with the X4125emu_D3C.rar.exe and then with the SRT4125 D3C(CONCORD).ZIP. This latest software loads my system with the CONCORD V103. I believe that I have downloaded all files pertaining to both the STRONG and CONCORD versions of my system. Initially I tried to load up my system as a STRONG but because of my D3C chip I kept getting locked up loading software not intended for my D3C chip. I selected the CONCORD version because the software I could load was further advanced than the STRONG version. (I liked the STRONG version better from a user standpoint and it appeared to have a more versatile way in inputting keys.) Now my questions:
  • Can someone advise me if there is software compatible with my D3C chip that will allow me to load my unit back to a STRONG version up to V105 or later? Everything I have tried to do this eventually bombs out, due to the D3C CHIP problem, before I can get up to the automatic roll for TPS etc.
  • Or can someone advise me if there is a newer version of the CONCORD for my D3C chip – LATER THAN V103? I have downloaded lots of software supposedly for my D3C chip with later version numbers but they either will not load as I am advised the software is not compatible or it does load and I get the problem where I can not set up channels which is an indication that the software is not intended for the D3C chip. I hold software up through V106 and although it appears it should be compatible with the D3C chip it is not.
  • And finally, is it possible to load key and channel updates via the null-modem cable? If so, which loader do you use. I have tried using the loaders that indicate they should do this but my receiver will not accept the input.

I have researched my problems about as best I can for a newbie and have gone just about as far as I can go on my own. I would appreciate a little input on my problems and I will be most grateful for any input you can provide. Regards, Dwight1