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Streaming to PC or Mac


Regular Member
My Satellite Setup
7000S - 300GB Maxtor
Syslink wifi bridge from DB to Syslink wifi router to Apple Extreme streaming relay to Apple G5, 2 xG4.
Elgato into G4 17 in for Apple DVB-T captures.
Panasonic 42 HD ready
My Location
NW England
I have been playing a lot to get streaming from DB to PC and Mac and here is status:

Works fine using Mozilla and VideoLan (VLC) to a Sony Viao laptop (fx705). Remarkably easy to set up.

Have tried both DreamStreamX and DreamXman which are supposed to stream (also using Videolan (VLC)) but I can do nothing to produce a visible stream on my G4 titanium. Author of DreamXman tells me that others have had problems and it may be down to VLC thrashing the processor. This is not easy to accept. I have 100Mbps bandwidth to DB and VLC will play .ts and .mpg files. He suggests trying DreamStreamX but both just show a black screen and VLC quits after about 8 sec.