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Strong 4355 query

Hi all
I have a Strong 4355 (NOT the 4355 evo)
I have been considering loading emulator software but am reluctant as all info I have found seems to refer to the software being for the 4355 EVO.
The strong site says that the 4355 EVO software upgrade will not work on the 4355 - so that seems pretty final.
I have tried to locate the 4355 firmware so I can restore the receiver to the original if loading new sw fails but I can not find the original 4355 firmware software anywhere. The strong site only gives a download of the instructions.
1)Can someone point me in the right direction for the original 4355 firmware?
2) Has anyone tried to install the EVO firmware on the 4355 and was it successful.
3) Does anyone know off a 4355 patch that includes emulator software ?