STRONG SRT 4400 problem.any hints????



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Hello guys. Ive got here a Strong SRT 4400, at first when I put it on to c whats wrong with it on the front display there was a message(booting startup)and tv screen (with no picture on) flickering. Also there was a constant ‘buzz’ coming from the transformer on the power supply. I thought I should first try to reprogram it, so downloaded the latest firmware from the official site together with its loader. At first the procedure failed but I tried again and it worked. But to my disappointment when I turned it on there was the same problem again, booting startup and then tv screen flickering again. I disconnect the power supply and the noise from the transformer stops. I checked the diods and stuff and the power supply and it seems to b fine but im not sure, but I think theres sumthing wrong on the motherboard. Could anyone give an advice? Thanx in advance


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Hello. I have the same problem with STRONG SRT 4400.
When I plug it on I have a ''bt2.0'' message on the dislpay and the tv screen flickers.
I tried to download new firmware. The download completed succesfull but when I turned the receiver off and on again the problem was still there. ''bt2.0''. None of the leds are on and the only thing that seems working is the download proccess.
Thank you in advance for any advice.