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Strong SRT 4800 II ====NEED HELP====

My Satellite Setup
I am Just A viewer whose willing to do any thing to get my shot
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Strong Srt 4800 II

Hey Guys
i need some help on my strong reciever cuz i want to upgrade
from N1 to N2
i wonder if some body could get me or tell me where i can find those or get them to me
i'd appreciate it !!
and can u tell me what Playboy Tv Encryption is
i mean is it (Digital+ or something else) and have it changed to N2


Amo Amas Amant Admin
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
IDD CI24 ECONO MM Penta 1.20 Galaxy II
1.2Mtr Polar MTG yes it has been on the arc for 25 years and is now fixed on 13 East using two pairs of rusty molegrips. Unlike me they never groan but always perform.
My Location
Blackburn, Lancashire
welcome to the forum ab jr

If you had spent a bit more time on the forum you would have perhaps realised that this is a self help forum and that you could have searched the forum for your answers click here for one you would have found