Stuck on a Single Transponder Skystar USB Plus



My Satellite Setup
SkyStar1 PC Card
My Location
Manchester UK
I've come across a problem with my new PC setup.

I have a Sky Minidish with a quad output LNB. Two PCs are running off it one with a SkyStar1 PCI, and the other with a SkyStar USB 2.0 Plus.

They both work fine and independently, excellent signal strength 89% and 100% quality. However I have found something odd with the SkyStar USB plus.

I have no problems with the SkyStar Usb Plus on ProgDVB or the Technisat program. but.... I want to record multiple audiostreams eg: German/English. ProgDVB does not support this using the BDA driver for my device.

So I tried to use Alt-Dvb and DVBDream. The thing is, they can't make the LNB switch transponders. What this means is that if I want to scan for or watch a channel in these two programs, then I have to use ProgDvb to select the channel - then shut progDvb down and then load AltDvb/DVBDream in order to record the channel and multiple Audio Streams. The recording works but it's a lot of messing around. Anyone have any advice??

Thanks Matt