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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:15th JuneColour:CeriseNumber:6,9,33Stone:Amazonite - adventure it brings and helps you feel fabFlower:DaffodilPet:CatCareer:Drug Councillor, NewsreaderKey Features:?Naturally good at:Using your voice to good effectCharacter:No matter what you look like, you have a sultry voice. The voice of an angel. You could seduce someone at ten paces with those dulcet tones. You have an aura of sensuality which is breath taking use it more!Life Path:A living breathing love machine. You send out vibes of love, yet you are strangely detached from your own sexuality. Don't put yourself down! Rejoice in your lovliness! Maybe explore your spirituality.Love:You’re a lover not a fighter, yet you can spend years alone. "What is going on inthe love stakes?" you may ask yourself, well let me tell you. You have to believe the reality that you are desirable. Try a Taurus who has the same birthday ruler as you Venus planet of love!Best Present:Karaoke machine, surprise party