Sunray DM800HD (Dreambox clone) SIM 2.01 - SSL #84b

A nonymous

Sep 24, 2006
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I'm selling the Sunray DM800HD, Its a SIM 2.01 box with SSL #84b

I have had issues trying to get the hard drive to work in this box with little success. From what i have read on this forum and others this is a common problem that is related to software and the particular brand of HDD used.

I really cannot be bothered persevering with this box anymore so i'm getting shut of it.

Other than getting the HDD working on it its in full working order. There is no hard drive fitted to the box, i've taken it out and put it in my TM800.

Comes with remote and all associated psu, powerleads and DVI-HDMI cable.

I think £65 plus postage is a fair price for this box. If you can persevere with it trying different images and hard drives you will probably get it to work, but unfortunately my time is precious and i have other boxes that work fine with the HDD (even my TM800 which is unheard of lol) to play with.

Payment by PayPal Gift (buyer pays any fees) or bank transfer.