superjack dg120

My Satellite Setup
dreambox 7000s 40gb hard disk, sky + sky digi box, comgag sl65 *2 twinhan pci sat card. 2* sky digi boxes each with quad lnb's 1M televes dish superjack dg120 motor. dreambox and 4 pc's all networked running vlc from dreambox. Some pc's wireless.hita
My Location
abertillery area gwent south wales

Been trying to setup my dish with new motor as my old disecq motor has packed in but ever since i have installed new motor unable to track anywhere after 15 deg w not even a glimour from hispasat. With my old motor, I know that for every step that i used to inch my dreambox, the motor was moving 0.3 degrees. Does anyone know if this is governed by the type of motor or the particular satelliite box, or would anyone know what the increments are on a superjack dg120 motor ? i bought this New but unused off a friend and had no instructions with it. Also because i am 3.1 degress west should i be using 4 deg w as my highest satellite ? And what are the stongest transponders on this bird.

hope someone can shine some light 4 me