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taquilla tv listings



can anybody tell me if its possible to get listings on these channels also satisfaction channel many thanks;


Try www.tvboard.n3.net - got full daily listings for dozens of channels in Mediaguard and Viaccess. Click on TV program, then set date and click go. Can choose channels by category, then scroll to channel for listings.
Adult listings also available daily at http://drhans.baf.cz/tvguide . . . I borrowed these from somewhere else on the site. Apologies to whoever gave them first; I can't remember where it was!

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Tequila 0 is the free promotional channel and shows clips from all the current listings. At the end of the promo you will see the list of all the numbers andwhat films are on

SCT - approximately two films a day with basically

1) grotch from Eastern Europe and

2) more grotch from anywhere else in the world.

Upholstery cleaning ads would do well in between the programmes