TBS 6925 PCi Card with hardware blind scan in DVB-S2 and DVB-S



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I've had this a lot with my recently acquired TBS 6925. TBS themselves say it's potentially a faulty card but I've read a few reports about this so am not 100% convinced its a hardware issue, more software.

What helped me was uninstalling the TBS IP app - I had no need for it so have removed it and my problems have gone away, no idea if this will help you though.
This has been happening to me since the very first day, also. With gigabyte mother board. I could find any TBS IP app to uninstall, but just rebooting it always work the second time. Very strange


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Mine didn't show any sensitivity degradation for three years - until it went belly-up with an intermittent LNB voltage fault.
Now use a 5925, the USB version. No problems, and more versatile (PC, Laptop).
Brought the faulty card out of the holding bay for another poke around. The nature of the fault - LNB voltage drops out after about 20 seconds scanning muxes - suggested a temperature breakdown of a component.
I was ready to replace the more easily removable IC's and diodes in the shutdown circuitry beginning with the MOSFET just before the resettable fuse - and in fact the MOSFET was indeed the culprit.
I think perhaps the gate switch-on voltage needed was changing as the temperature of the MOSFET rose. The switch-on grounds the fuse and its resistance rise removes the 12V to the card.
A replacement has indeed cured the fault. I can now use it in my other PC :)