Technomate 5000 menu set up problems



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I must be doing something wrong, so I'll ask for the benefit of your collective experience.

I have recently acquired a Technomate 5000 DAPCI, which I'm very happy with performance wise, but I'm struggling a bit with the menu's, particularly with the set up of favourites and don't have a 'full' manual.

I have 4 lnb's feeding into a 4-way diseqc switch, Astra 1, Astra 2/Eurobird, Hotbird and AB1 at 5w.

I have read the quick set up guide which is on the Technomate web site, and have downloaded the channels for each without problem.

I have then selected my first satellite to add into favourites (we'll call it astra1 now for the sake of argument) and have added my choice of favourite channels to the appropriate favourites menus. Then I get problems. I then select 'sat' and scroll onto the next satellite of my choice (lets say hotbird) and it says something along the lines of 'no channels saved'. Well, I know that, that's why I'm saving them now! But I can't get out of the favourites area to get back to the 'main' area per satellite to load in what I want from, in this case, Hotbird and it doesn't appear to be visible within the favourites area.

To do this, I have only been able to get back so far by doing the following:
1. Deleting all the favourites I have saved on Astra1. The receiver then tells me (while still in favourites mode...which I can't seem to find a way out of) that no channels have been saved at all.
2. I then have to go back in to satellite set up and do a full scan of each satellite again to get access to the channels in normal mode.
3. If I go back to favourites, and start again I get caught in exactly the same loop.

Hope I've explained that ok!

Surely that can't be right though? I must be doing something wrong. I've read such good reviews of these receivers that I can't believe it could be this user unfriendly.

Any tips folks?


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I found it easier not to use favourites, but to scan each sat in turn and use the "edit channels" menu in each selected satellite to move the channels into the order I want them and then sort them by number. Now all I do is press the "sat" button, select a sat, press "OK" scroll down to the channel I want, press "OK" again and that it. This is the way I have set up all my Technomate boxes using both switches and HH motors.
Technomate have been very helpfull in providing me with manuals.