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Technomate how to patch video and add keys.

Discussion in 'Satellite Systems - What to Buy - What to install' started by fraser70, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. fraser70

    fraser70 Member

    Mar 18, 2007
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    My Satellite Setup:
    medion p4 2.6gh 2x 250gb hdd
    42 inch lcd goodmans
    medion dvb-t card powercinema
    dvb-s twinhan 1034 pci card
    skyb digital dish and lnb from sky
    no cams yet as newbie
    My Location:
    )(-red Technomate how to patch video and add keys.
    33.1 mb win zip file for download from rapidshare
    unzip and watch using wind med plyr.

    Have fun !:toke:

    [fieldset=Admin Message]Have removed the link to the rapidshare file, these videos are copyright of jobusca on Alsat and he has not given anyone permission to distribute them, so if you want them go to his thread there and download them.[/fieldset]


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