Technomate TM-5000DAPCI Problem



I have a technomate TM-5000DAPCI with motorised dish etc. It all works fine on free to air channels but I am getting real problems when I try to view an encrypted channel. I have an Irdeto Cam with a SexTV viewing card. Usually I have to switch the box on and off a couple of times before I get rid of the "signal is scrambled" message but then once I get the picture all is OK for about 15 minutes. After about this time the picture will start to break up and the I get the "no signal" message. Once I reach this stage nothing will get the picture back.

I had wondered if the box was overheating because it can get quite warm so I directed the airflow from a fan onto the box - but even when the box stays completely cool the same thing happens.

It is not that the dish has moved or anything like that - if I change to another channel (free to air) on the same satellite the signal strength will show at about 80% and I get a good picture.

I have tested both the cam and the card in my Humax IRCI 5400 box and it works just fine with no breaks or problems of any kind. You may wonder why I don't just stick toi the Humax but the problem is I only have room for one box and I need the built in positioner in the Technomate.

Has anyone experienced similar problems with the Technomate and, more importantly, has anyone solved the problem or got any suggestions how I might solve it?

Forgot to mention right from the day I bought the Technomate the Cam and card would NOT work at all in Slot 1 - I contacted Satellite Superstore where I bought it and was told this was common ( :rolleyes: ) and to use the Cam in slot 2! Is that normal???

Any help would be much appreciated.