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My Satellite Setup
2,4 meter dish and 1,1 meter dish. Receiver: Humax iCord, DM 800, Golden interstar 4K, and VU+ Ultimo 4K
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Just outside of Munich/Germany
Frst of all, thank you very much for remaining loyal to us even during the compulsory break. TecTime TV returns. At the moment it is distributed via our Youtube channel, our homepage and Facebook. Distribution via HbbTV (Smart TV) is planned.

NEW: with a subscription of the TecTime magazine you support the relaunch of Tectime TV! English version!

The monthly digital magazine "TecTime Magazin" accompanies the broadcasts. Here you will find exciting content that is often not available for television, current and objective tests, news, DIY projects and reports on new products.
The annual subscription costs 36 Euro or 33 BP. With a subscription, you support the secure survival and restart of TecTime TV. At magazin@tectime.tv we are happy to accept your orders.
If you want to help in other ways - for example as a partner - please send an email to: mass@tectime.tv

Yours sincerely,
Yours Dr. Dish