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TELE satellite & a 3.7m KTI dish


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Good article in TELE satellite, about a 3.7m KTI dish:-worship

Also a 1.2m fibo stop Gregorian:-worship(I know how he feels) lol

And a guy with 24 antennas in his garden:eek:



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yep over a year old, but have just had a read, thanks for the post

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Pleased I cancelled the subscription 4 years ago

Too many adverts

Just like Sky


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yes,i wondering,why sky is the only pay tv operator in europe,that brings so much advericing,people are very angry about advericing in pay tv,when the pay alot for the subsribson,they say,we pay,that we dont must see adverticing:)

yup my dream antenna the kti,but iam not sure is it out of production or not,the kti homepage usa still exists,
intrsting would be a technical datasheet of the old orbitron sx 12, with the design fault of the lnb streps,when this was fixed,you must cut a bit,then both antennas performs very well

all kti mounts, i have the 1,95m ,in reverse,when something whould happens,with my echostar dish,are very very have,my dual axis system,with smo 36,is also heavey,but it has nearly the same weight,including motor,then the kti mount alone!

interesting,is espasely on the kti 3,65 dish,only one company in germany,is able to optimeized the kuband perdormance,this company comes from berlin,i can send link if you want,the optimeized this antenna so good,that you have gain winning in kuband like 2,20m dish,but in orginal,sale,you have only kuband winning of 90 cm gain,no dealer,can tell me,what is the trick behind,to get most posilbe kuband performance!
maybe kti alone,knows the answer,but when it work in kuband like a 90 cm,with out modificaiton,then is maybe the same design fault,then on orbitron sx 12,i dont know!?