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I have had sky for 2 years and it has never been connected to a telephone line.I am upgrading to sky+ and having my old box moved and installed with a mirror card----do i really need to connect it to a phone line(i know according to the t and c i do ) and if i dont how will they find out .Might i be ok connecting only one? would they really know ?


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They will find out by the lack of callback from your disconnected box. They are apparently being tough on this, particularly in the case of discounted mirror subscriptions.


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With a mirror sub you have to connect both boxes to the same line.

It’s to stop you ordering a mirror sub and giving the second card and box to a friend (or selling it). Sky will tell both boxes to do a callback to them, if one box doesn’t succeed, or if the calls come from different numbers you will get sent warning lettings and eventually the second card will have pay channels turned off.

People seem to have got away with not having one box connected for some time, but sooner or later they get round to sending out letters it seems.

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In the old days - if you had taken advantage of the BIB discount and refused to connect the box to a phone line - SKY would ask you to stump up enough cash (circa. GBP 120.00?) to buy yourself out of the discount, correct?

Do I take it that now you will just get cut off - even if you are paying for a top-level sub?

Off track: Pace results are better these days (thanks, in part, to SKY's PVR - SKY+). Pace are looking to cash-in on similar technologies across the pond: announcing a their plans to supply DirectTV with swanky new DVR's.

Odd, isn't it that the American's can have a DVR and we have to put up with a PVR. One evokes images of freedom, HDTV - a digital future! The conjures up an insidious piss-pot of permanent indebtedness to a stranger, GOD and more shopping channels than the average American Mall! 'O'-red

Will the American's succomb to the idea/demand, that for full-functionality of their DVR, they must have a top-level sub and have it glued to Rupe's big computer: er, forever? Uwww.

Even more off-track. Take time out to read SKY Active's T+C's. In it says that any information supplied by you via SKY Active (that phone!) can be used without limitation - worldwide.

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