Televes RSD 7254 Updating Software Help Please


I'm currently having problems updating my Televes box :(

I've got this exact cable made:

But I'm wondering if I need to join links for handshaking or do loopback links or will those 5 wires it says work?

Also, I've connected up the pins exactly as shown in the pictures but the pin numbers don't match. Like on the picture it says pin 5 goes to pin 5 but in reality that pin 5, by the way the picture is oriented is pin 1 lol

Which way is right to connect it up? I've got it as the picture says (ignoring pins) and it's not working but it could be something else.

The instructions for it are hazy too:

It's saying I click update, turn my box off and on and then it will start updating? That's not working either :(

There's a transfer data option in the install menu that I think I may have to use but it doesn't say to use it in that guide. I've also lost my original manual for the receiver so I can't find out anything about it in there :(

Has anybody used this receiver before and tried to update it and if so, how did you do it? Thanks :)


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if you look at the series started below on this page all is dealt with. I'm using this receiver quite happily, presently.