Telstar 12! Please Help!



I am trying to recieve Iranian-American channel NITV which has relocatd to Telstar 12 at 15deg. west to avoid being jammed by the Iranian government.

I am in south Wales, and i bought a 1m dish which as i understand is more than the 80-90cm required for the 49-50db signal. However, I cannot seem to recieve anything, I dont have a meter, but in the past have never needed one as I find analogue channels on the closest satellite to the one i want, then switch to digital and move very slowly and wait for a signal.

My elevation as far as i know should be about 30 degrees. On my dish there are one set of numbers on one side and one on the other each in different increments I dont know which one to use!!!! One goes up in 5s but im not exactly sure.

Are there any reasons why i cant recieve from this satellite? I have tried calling out specialists, but none of them will do it either because theyve never heard of the satellite or they dont have a "spectrum analyser" or they just think its pointless...

Any tips are greatly appreciated...


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