Thaicom 5 Reception in Ambala

My Satellite Setup
Using Personal 190 Cm KU band DTH and One 8 Feet C Band Mesh Dish
My Location
Ambala > Haryana > India
Hi if any one can let me know how the 8 Feet C Band Dish can be tuned to Thaicom5 at 78.05 degree. As i tried to do it and able to recieve Mh1 News, Mh1 Shradha in good quality but punjabtoday, sadhna, sanakar are in jerky position. Earlier the central arm where LNB was fitted broken now i had made another one by the help of a welder nearby my location now the central length of Focus is 41 inches from the center but as far calculation given on may site sit should be 38 inches as Diameter is 96 inch and depth of the dish is 16 Inch. But when ever lnb distanced is reduced to 38 inches the mh1and mh1 sharda also goes out. Pls let me know
is this due to wrong fitting of central arm where the LNB is fixed ?
what should be the LNB Feed horn's diatnace from the center of the dish ?
presently signal bar is at 95% and quality bar shows 39 to 41 % strength is it sufficient or what should be the quality sthrength ?
or any dish manufacturers in haryana or near ambala to whom i can contact
Thanks for helping me
Sandeep Kaushik