The forthcoming channel list for Sky

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This is going to run in parallel to the latest Sky news lists - this one will be an read only (closed) thread, and will only contain the latest list of planned channels. Once a channel launches it will be removed. Any dates listed are provisional dates.

This list is offered in good faith - it includes those channels that I believe have reasonably advanced plans to launch in the UK. It has been compiled from various sources, and includes new services licenced by Ofcom that are likely to be for the UK market.

Please note - any channel can cancel its launch plans at any time if the market for their services isnt right, and it is certain some of these channels wont get off the ground.

Trade test frequencies of any channel labelled testing can be found in the news thread if you are interested. Tests with video and audio are flagged as such, otherwise, initial tests are normally either a blank screen or a testcard with epg info running.

TV services


21st: ESPN America HD 431.
28th: Hallmark Channel HD.
30th: Music Choice music channels to close on Sky.


Five HD. (Channel TBC a place holder?)



Sometime in 2010:

Sky Sports News HD.
STV HD (unconfirmed date but testing).


TLC (from Discovery) (Spring).
Racing UK HD.
Sky to take control of Virgin Medias portfolio of channels: Living, Bravo, Challenge, Virgin 1 (to be rebranded).

Unconfirmed date:

Sky VOD service.
Playhouse Disney to rebrand to Disney Junior.
Film4 HD (Summer 2010 confirmed to be on Virgin Media).
Living TV HD.
Bravo HD.
Travel Channel HD.
Food Network HD.
Good Food HD.
Club:Scene TV (live concerts a music channel?)
Fashion TV HD.
Eurosport 2 HD.
The Property Channel (full channel later this year)
Milkshake? (From Five).
Diva TV rebranded with Universal name
Hallmark rebranded with Universal name.
Disney Channel HD (According to upcoming channels page).
Nickelodeon HD (Some programmes on MTVN HD).

no start dates at all currently known

General entertainment

pull Video On Demand on Sky HD boxes 2010
Living HD
Animal Planet HD
C5 Childrens Channel (possibly called Milkshake)
Good Food HD
Bravo HD
Challenge HD
Film4 HD
Planet Green (from Discovery)
Scottish Gold joint venture between BBC Scotland and STV
Movies4Women 2
Zone Club

Asian / African

NewsX Hindi language news service

Eurosport News

Games / Interactive / Gambling

Kidsco early 2010
S4C Kids provisional name - welsh language childrens channel
Zone Superheroes



Local / Regional TV
Scotborders TV - my unofficial name for a local service for the Scottish Borders & Dumfries and Galloway


Home & Garden Channel Yank lifestyle channel
Fine Living Network Yank lifestylechannel
Veria TV wellness / lifestyle programmes

Great American Country Music
Venus Hits

Unlikely to launch

These channels were on the main list but nothing has been heard of them for many months, so they have been relegated to this list. If any definite news appears they will move back onto the main list. In the meantime its now very unlikely these will ever appear

General entertainment
RTE International planned for 2008/9 but RTE have severe financial problems
Event TV
Animax Sony anime channel
Planet Matters
The Queer Channel (for gays)
Channel 4 Shortcuts
13th Street
Retro Cinema
Gaelic Channel (Name provisional. Partnership between ITV Scottish, & ITV Grampian)
Gong (anime)
AT (from Harmony TV - who havent got their FIRST channel on air yet let alone their second......)
The Drama Channel (from Chart Show TV)
4US(my unofficial name for forthcoming Channel 4 service to showcase their American series)
Focus TV (new Zimbabwean based service serving South African expats)
Pride TV (LBGT)
Portugal Channel (lifestyle & tourism)
Luxury Channel
Hallmark 2
Travel & Cruise
Mystery Channel
Destinations TV

Asian / African
NDTV Life travel & lifestyle
Asian Glamour
MATV Sukrit (Indian religious)
Zee Tegulu
Zee Kannada
Apnah Vision
NDTV Nation
Rotana Europe (full launch)
Sahara Samay (news)
AMC Banglavision
UNN News Asian news
Bridges TV (Muslim lifestyle channel)
Vox Africa TV
South African TV Ltd
Channel East (relaunch)
Mashriq TV
Hum TV (Pakistan)
Indus TV (Urdu)
Indus Music (Urdu)

Channel 7 (Indian news service)
ITN News

NFL Network
At The Races 2
Football Mad TV
ITV Sport

Games / Interactive / Gambling
Poker Channel +1
Casino News Network

Jetix boys channel (name currently unknown - may be GTX), aimed at boys aged 13-19)

Playboy 2
Cultoons (adult cartoons)
Play Girl TV
Touch TV

The Shopping Channel
ITV Shop
mature content Network
Cut Price TV

Local / Regional TV
Scotland on TV
See TV (from Life TV - full launch on their own epg number)
This Is Yorkshire

Direction TV
Islam Channel Urdu
Islam 4U
Ark TV

Start Your Business TV
World Fashion Channel
Parent TV

C Music TV (launched onto 9E)
Konta MTV
Check 1:2

Channels removed from the epg in 2009 with no obvious replacement service taking over

1 Sports Xchange (456)
2 Overseas Property (274)
3 The Business Channel (547)
4 Raaj Radio (0141)
5 Nuts TV (196)
6 Nuts TV +1 (210)
7 Wine TV (264)
8 Radio Tatras International (0195)
9 Bubble Hits (379)
10 Travel Channel 2 (253)
11 G2 Family (340)
12 Arsenal TV Replay (448)
13 Real Estate TV (262)
14 Real Estate TV +1 (263)
15 Asian Star Radio (0213)
16 AHTV (454)
17 Zee Gurjurati (811)
18 Club Asia (0145)
19 Casino TV (870)
20 JJB Sports (674)
21 The Hits (0170)
22 Smash Hits(0172)
23 Heat (0179)
24 Q (0181)
25 Kerrang (0183)
26 Zee radio (0215)
27 Bedroom TV (962)
28 Arrow Rock (0161)
29 Setanta Sports News (418)
30 Setanta 1 (423)
31 Setanta 2 (424)
32 Setanta Golf (429)
33 Celtic TV (436)
34 Rangers TV (438)
35 Setanta Commercial (437?)
36 Tron Direct 2 (684)
37 Monte Carlo TV (863)
38 AIT Moviestar (330)
39 Audi Channel (884)
40 Deutsche Welle TV (794)
41 Arsenal TV (435)
42 Racing World (443)
43 Life TV 186
44 World Movies (331)
45 Cupid TV (879)
46 TVE Intenational (795)
47 HBW TV (963)
48 SA Direct (270)
49 Punjjabi TV (838)
50 Hot Digital (0212)


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2007 changes on Sky - summary

List will be updated further when Ive got a few minutes :)

April 17th 2007
Trends TV removed from 221

April 16th 2007
DD News onto 832
DD India onto 833
Rapture returned to 193

April 4th 2007
Voice of Africa returned to 0192
Sky Movies name changes:
Sky Premiere on 301
Sky Prem + 1 on 302
Sky Comedy on 303
Sky Action on 304
Sky Family on 305
Sky Drama on 306
Sky ScFi/Horror on 307
Sky Classics on 308
Sky Modern on 309
Sky Indie on 310
SkyMovies HD1 on 311
SkyMovies HD2 on 312

April 3rd
Red Hot TV changes:
Fantasy 1 on 924
Fantasy 2 on 925
Red Hot Rears on 926
Red Hot 40 + on 927
Red Hot Amateur on 928
Red Hot Wives on 929
Red Hot Raw on 930
Red Hot All Girl on 931

April 2nd 2007
More 24 changed to Movies 24+ on 330
PTV Global (Pakistan) launched onto 831

March 27th 2007
Voice of Africa closed off 0192

March 26th 2007
MusFlash TV launched onto 375
NewsTalk Radio launched onto 0210

March 23rd 2007
Vinnappris full launched onto 663 (replacing Shop vector)

March 18th 2007
Rapture TV removed off 193

March 18th 2007
Raj TV relaunched onto 187
ITV Play closed off 856

March 13th 2007
Justfabulous closed off 372
Genesis moved from 370 to 772

March 12 2007
Current TV launched onto 229
TTV2 renamed Ontv on 205

March 11th 2007
Trends TV reappeared on 221
Shop Vector replaced by Vinappris on 663

March 2nd 2007
Artsworld renamed Sky Arts on 267
Discovery Turbo replaced Discovery Wings on 523
National Geographic Wild replaced Adventure One on 528
Discovery Kids closed of 615

February 26th 2007
MKTV launched onto 227
BabyFirst launched onto 627

February 22nd 2007
681 Pricebusters 2 closed off 681
Pricebusters renamed Simply Shop on 638

February 19th 2007
Trends TV closed off 221 (returned later)
GNTV (Grace Network TV) launched onto 225
France 24 moved from 515 to 517
Setanta PPV 1 renamed PPV 1 on 481
Setanta PPV 2 renamed PPV 2 on 482

February 16th 2007
Pulse Rated closed off 0155
VIP Radio closed off 0196

February 15th 2007
You TV 2 Extra closed off 914

February 6th 2007
Yorkshire Radio launched onto 0209

February 5th 2007
Information TV 2 launched onto 182
Trends TV launched onto 221
Channel 6 Ireland launched onto 223
Baby TV launched onto 626
UKTV Style Garden renamed UKTV Gardens
S4C~Digidol renamed S4/C
S4C~2 renamed S4/C2

February 1st 2007
r-music rebranded to Genesis
God Channel renamed to God Europe
God UK renamed to God Channel

January 29th 2007
Sky Poker launched onto 846
House of Fun launched onto 962

January 26th 2007
OBE returned to 159

January 22nd 2007
Open Access 3 launched onto 174

January 16th 2007
Bloomberg went fta on 502
OBE closed off 159 (returned Jan 26th)
Look4Love 2 closed off 918

January 15th 2007
Solent TV launched onto 219

around January 13th 2007
UCB Europe renamed UCB UK on 0125

January 11th 2007
Russia Today moved from 182 to 516

January 8th 2007
Setanta Golf launched onto 418

around January 5th 2007
Look4Less renamed SmartShop on 680

January 3rd 2007
Sky Box Office closed off 745
All in Sport closed off 444
Quizcall closed off 855
Channel 854 closed off 854
The Word closed off 0191
MOS Radio closed off 0198
Star One moved 829 - 783
Star News moved 783 - 829
638 has been renamed Pricebusters
681 has been renamed Pricebusters2
Eat Cinema renamed My Channel on 199

January 1st 2007
Simply Shop closed off 638, replaced by Pricebusters


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Possible new radio services

Sanjhi Awaz
Panjab Radio youth channel (long term plans)
CVC The Voice Asia
Starpoint Radio
EUM Radio Ireland - had been testing on WRN On Air service 0188 EUM Radio - full launch on own epg number
Sabras Radio
Spectrum Radio 2
Radio XL
Kids FM

BBC local radio services. The full list is below. I wonder if these will all ever eventually turn up on satellite?

North East & Cumbria:
1. Radio Cumbria
2. Radio Newcastle
3. Radio Cleveland

North West:
4. Radio Lancashire
5. Radio Merseyside
6. Radio Manchester

7. Radio Leeds
8. Radio Sheffield
9. Radio York

East Yorks & Lincs:
10. Radio Humberside
11. Radio Lincolnshire

East Midlands:
12. Radio Nottingham
13. Radio Leicester
14. Radio Derby

West Midlands:
15. Radio Stoke
16. Radio Shropshire
17. WM
18. Coventry & Warwickshire
19. Hereford & Worcester

20. Radio Northampton
21. Three Counties Radio
22. Radio Cambridgeshire
23. Radio Norfolk
24. Radio Suffolk
25. BBC Essex
26. BBC London 94.9

South East:
27. Radio Kent
28. Southern Counties Radio

29. Radio Berkshire
30. Radio Oxford
31. Radio Solent

32. Radio Gloucester
33. Radio Swindon
34. Radio Wiltshire
35. Radio Bristol
36. Somerset Sound

South West:
37. Radio Devon
38. Radio Cornwall
39. Radio Guernsey
40. Radio Jersey


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Channels known to be planning a High Definition TV service (includes Ofcom licences known to have been issued):

Setanta HD
Ultra HD (from the American Voom Network)


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If you have ever wondered how Sky allocate epg numbers, this document dated August 2005 is worth a read:



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2005 changes on Sky:

December 23rd 2005
ITV News Channel closed off 525

December 16th 2005
Venus TV launched onto 827 (replaced ATN Global)

December 8th 2005
Turn on TV launched onto 290

December 6th 2005
Vectone MH1 launched onto 832 (currently showing Veccy Punjab)

December 5th 2005
Propeller TV launched onto 289

December 4th 2005
Redemption TV launched late evening on 695

December 1st 2005
BBC Local News launched behind the red button on BBC West Midlands (101 or 949)
The Saint closed off 899

November 21st 2005
NDTV 24x7 launched onto 543
Treasures TV launched onto 781

November 17th 2005
Sport Nation launched onto 435

November 14th 2005
Playboy One launched onto 287
Rapture TV launched onto 288

November 7th 2005
ITV 4 launched onto 120
2Shop TV launched onto 780

November 1st 2005
All ITV services fta (months earlier than expected:))

Oct 31st 2005
Sky 2 replaced Sky Mix on 107
Sky 3 launched onto 108

Oct 17th 2005
More4 +1 launched onto 286

Oct 10th 2005
Life-Showcase launched onto 162
More 4 launched onto 165
Baby Channel launched onto 285

Oct 4th 2005
Vectone Sinhalese replaced Vectone Mall on 696

Oct 3rd 2005
Downtown Superstore launched onto 640

Sept 28th 2005
Quiz Call launched onto 284

Sept 26th 2005
Gospel Channel launched onto 681

Sept 22nd 2005
Vectone Channel I encrypted on 814
Vectone ntv encrypted820

Sept 19th 2005
Raj TV launched onto 283
Christmas Shop launched onto 699
Apna Bazaar launched onto 829

Sept 12th 2005
FX+ launched onto 281

Sept 5th 2005
Star Bazaar launched onto 698
Quiz TV launched onto 282
Virgin Radio Extreme launched onto 938

Sept 2nd 2005
Vectone Channel I replaced Vectone Music on 814

August 30th 2005
Paramount 1 +1 launched onto 128 (Paramount 2 moved to 129)
ABC 1 launched onto 281

August 22nd 2005
Discovery Real Time Extra launched onto 135
You TV 3 launched onto 180
Passion TV launched onto 280

August 15th 2005
Vectone Mall launched onto 696
Choices UK launched onto 697

August 13th 2005
Quizmania launched - timesharing with Sound TV & Information TV on 277

August 1st 2005
ITV 1 Meridian Sussex launched onto 103 for Sussex Heathfield & Midhurst sub region[/I]
ITV 1 Meridian North launched onto 103 for Thames Valley Hannington sub region
Aastha TV launched onto 828

July 29th 2005
ITV 1 Anglia South launched for Suffolk / Essex on 103 in appropriate area

July 27th 2005
Speed Auctions TV launched a few days early - time sharing with ScreenShop on 657)

July 25th 2005
ITV1 Tyne Tees South launched onto 103 in relevant area
ITV1 Yorkshire East launched onto 103 in relevant area
Sony Max launched onto 826
You TV 2 launched onto 179


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2006 changes on Sky

this list will be updated further when Ive got half an hour to work out all the changes.....

14th August 2006
Bubble Hits launched onto 374
Overseas Property launched onto 287

8th August 2006
Musicians Channel renamed to Red TV on 368
ChoicesUK TV renamed to USave.TV on 670
Majestic TV renamed to Psychic TV on 886

7th August 2007
Aag TV launched onto 824

August 3rd 2006
Sky Sport HD2 launched on 408
One TV closed off 667

August 3rd 2006
Sky Sports HD renamed to Sky Sports HD1 - on epg 407

around August 1st 2006
Shop Vector renamed to TV Warehouse 1 - on 642

July 31st 2006
Yorkshire Radio launched onto the WRN "On Air" Channel on 0188
Red Hot Only 18 renamed to Red Hot All Girl on 930

July 26th 2006
Star Bazarre realunched again

renamed July 24th 2006
DM Gold to DM Islam on 822

July 24th 2006
ITV Play launched onto 856

July 21st 2006
Life 2 renamed to Life 24 on 138 renamed to mature on 951

July 20th 2006
Film Four Weekly closed

unknown date during July 2006
The Poker Channel renamed to AllInSport on 844

closed July 13th 2006
We Deliver TV closed off 665
Star Bazarre closed off 919
Shop TV renamed Honey TV and epg changed 673 to 959

July 10th 2006
Just Fabulous TV launched onto 372
Crime & Investigation Network launched onto 531

July 3rd 2006
Zone Thriller launched onto epg 322.
PriceBusters launched onto 681
Look4Love 2 launched onto 918

around July 2nd 2006
You TV renamed Sumo TV on 146
TV Xtra renamed Television X 4 on 917
18PlusXXX renamed SportXXXGirls on 941
SportXXXHousewives renamed SportXXXWives on 942

around July 1st 2006
Live XXX TV closed off 943

June 26th 2006
Movies 24 launched onto 329
Disney Channel +1 launched onto 614
Look4Less launched onto 680

June 26th 2006
Reality TV renamed Zone Reality
Reality TV +1 renamed Zone Reality +1
Reality Extra renamed Zone Reality Extra
HorrorChannel renamed Zone Horror

June 23rd 2006
Quiz TV closed off 852

June 19th 2006
Television Xtra launched onto 917

June 14th 2006
Virgin Party Classics launched onto 0204

June 12th 2006
Radio Caroline launched onto 0199.
Virgin Xtreme launched onto 0200
Virgin Classic Rock launched onto 0201
Virgin Groove launched onto 0202
Virgin 105.8 launched onto 0203
The Villan closed off 0159

June 6th 2006
Ministery Of Sound Radio launched onto 0198

June 5th 2006
RTI Radio launched onto 0195
VIP Radio launched onto 0196
Primetime Radio closed off 0132

launched May 31st 2006
Private 1 launched onto 952
Private 2 launched onto 953

launched May 30th 2006
Colourful Radio launched onto 0194

May 30th 2006
Grampian ITV rebranded to STV :(

May 24th 2006
Apple FM closed off 0163

May 22nd 2006
Apni Awaz launched onto 0193

May 17th 2006 launched onto 951

May 8th 2006
BBC HDTV launched onto 145
The Word Network launched onto 0191
Voice of Africa launched onto 0192

May 8th 2006
CITV launched onto 624

May 6th 2006
ATN Bangla ceased off 818

May 3rd 2006
Jazz FM closed off 0167

May 2nd 2006
UKTV Drama +1 launched onto 134
TCM2 launched onto 320
ARY The Musik launched onto 823

April 24th 2006
Cartoon Netwoork Too launched onto 622
Nick Junior 2 launched onto 623

April 18th 2006
TTV 2 launched onto 205
Majestic TV moved 275 - 886
Sky Vegas 846 - onto 846

April 18th 2006
UKTV People +1 closed off 541

closed April 13th 2006 - all returned to epg on April 18th
Vectone Urdu - off 786
Vectone One - off 794
Vectone Tamil - off 796
Vectone Bangla - off 800
Vectone Punjab - off 803
Vectone Sinhala - off 811
Vectone Two - off 812
Vectone 2U - off 821

April 12th 2006
Star Bazarre closed off 671

April 10th 2006
Channel M launched onto 203
DM Gold launched onto 822

April 4th 2006
Information TV 2 launched onto 182

April 3rd 2006
Sci Fi +1 launched onto 130
R Music TV launched onto 370
The Jewellery Channel launched onto 640

March 27th 2006
Yes renamed to Price Crash on 654
Price Crash 2 launched onto 678
Cyprus Direct launched onto 679

March 23rd 2006
Deal TV launched onto 677

lMarch 20th 2006
True Movies 2 launched onto 324
Vectone 2U launched onto 821

March 16th 2006
Toon Disney closed - sacrificed for Cinemagic off 611
Disney Cinemagic launched onto 611
Disney Cinemagic +1 launched onto 612
Disney moved onto 613
Disney & Playhouse Disney moved into Family Pack.

March 14th 2006
London TV closed off 277
Celebrity Shopping launched onto 676

March 13th 2006
ESPN Classic Sport launched onto 442

March 8th 2006
Racing World launched onto 433

March 6th 2006
Boomerang +1 launched onto 621
Channel 854 onto 854 (was Channel 425)

March 6th 2006
Cartoon Network + closed

March 2nd 2006
Bliss replaced The Amp on 362
Babeworld replaced L!ve TV on 909

March 1st 2006
Player launched onto 123

February 28th 2006
Realty TV Extra launched onto 152
See TV launched timesharing with Life TV on 139

February 27th 2006
Eat Cinema launched onto 292
Legal TV launched onto 689

February 20th 2006
Broadband 2 replaced Your TV on 694
Fun Radio replaced The Mix on 871
Artsworld HD launched onto 158
Sky One HD launched onto 291
Discovery HD launched onto 557
Sky Box Office HD 2 launched onto 757

February 13th 2006
Sky Sport HD launched onto 405
Sky Box Office HD 1 launched onto 756
Pure Dance removed from 890

February 6th 2006
National Geographic HD launched onto 593

January 31st 2006
Matinee Movies renamed to ActionMax
Bad Movies renamed to Movies4Men

January 30th 2006
Sky Movies 10 launched onto 310
Sky Movies HD9 launched onto 311
Sky Movies HD10 launched onto 312

January 23rd 2006
ARY One World launched onto 843
ART QTV launched onto 844
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