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There are many seca and irdeto



Hi fellas!
There are many seca and irdeto AU files for goldwafer on net
and there are some seca,irdeto funcard files also but
i need to know is these funfiles usually autoaptable, if not,
can i modify GW files and programm suitable files to funcard
and make it autouptable? what prog to use?
thanks a lot


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There's no technical reason that the "5-in-1" type files (or any other) for funcard can not be autoupdateable. It's just that the 5-in-1 software was never written for that purpose. You would need to write your own version and then construct an eeprom key-template that could accept MK01/PPUA, HMK, etc.
And unless you're VERY good, don't expect it to be easy. A simple GW file can not be ported as is, although if you were able to disassemble such a file and recompile it for the Funcard (Atmel) chipset, that would be a start.