Tired of adding 14 to your username on webmail and never having enough storage space?


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Then here’s the answer! www.eudoramail.com (and no, I don’t work for them)

Today I was messing around with the updated eudora webmail (which is identical to Lycos, including the logo) when I decided to setup another account. Just being hopeful I put my first name as the username and it accepted it – no one else already had it.

Either the old version of eudoramail was so crap (lurid blue colour, buggy and early 90’s looking) that no one ever registered with it or when they upgraded the webmail they also cleared out all inactive accounts. Either way some plain and simple usernames seem to be available.

You also get 5MB of mailspace and 5MB limit on attachments, (a lot better then the free version of hotmail), you can set it up to check pop3 mail accounts also and spam blocking/filtering is included. One downside is that it doesn’t use SSL for sign-in – but I think that is just my paranoia setting in.

If anyone is looking for another webmail account it might be worth trying.