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Northants, England
I have a MR Cam. What if any benefits are gained by having a Titanium card?
If there are any benefits then which Titanium is the best?
Is OS version 1.06 at £36 a reasonable deal?
And how do I use it in conjunction with the MR (how is iy programmed and what with?)


simon 2003

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if you have a motorised dish m8 go for conax ,as the new mr s/w (1.08) does most of the rest now with d+ on 19e in seca2 and 30w nagra(dissapearin nagra2)+tickets 5e+tpsmultivision13e+polsat 13e AU+cabo 30w AU,my aston 1.05 has gone back into retirement for a bit after a breif flutter with sky ity but i suspect the delay in mr s/w was because sky ity dissapeared,so ive put a conax file on my tit as the other new welcome feature of mr 1.08 is that it still does its thing with card inserted,in the current climate 36quid delivered is O.K..blue cards sagem chips the original,though pay yer money take your chances.m8 you choose wat O.S you want when you get it loads of tools,files ect about if you look hard enough hope this helps... simon