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Sep 24, 2012
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-Pause live TV
-Automatically record every episode of a series
-Record without videotape
-TiVo Recorder from £399, TiVo subscription from £10 per month
-Revolutionary Personal Television Recorder on sale in UK from October 2000
-TiVo puts viewers in control of what and when they watch
-TiVo is available in October at Dixons, Currys and selected electrical retailers or direct by calling 08702 41 84 86

This Autumn, TiVo Inc., (NASDAQ: TIVO) in association with British Sky Broadcasting (LSE: BSY), looks set to change the way British viewers watch television forever with the launch of TiVo, the first ever Personal Television Recorder (PTR) and service. Available in the UK from October 2000, TiVo will give viewers unprecedented control over what they watch and when they watch it, regardless of when programmes are scheduled.

For the first time ever, British viewers will be able to pause, rewind and playback in slow-motion live television. Recording programmes is as easy as the touch of a button – no more setting the clock or remembering the videotape.

Tivo’s hard disk recording system can store up to 40 hours of programming, giving viewers the chance to truly take control.

TiVo also boasts an intelligent system that provides viewers the opportunity to teach it their viewing preferences and recording habits, TiVo will then automatically suggest or record programmes it thinks they would like to watch.

One of Tivo’s most useful features allows viewers to set up a Season Pass that automatically records every episode of a series, such as your favourite soaps, and sitcoms meaning viewers will never miss their favourite programmes again.

Manufactured by consumer electronics manufacturer Thomson, under the Thomson SCENIUM brand, the TiVo Recorder will be available in October at Dixons, Currys and selected electrical retailers or direct by calling 08702 41 84 86.

The TiVo Recorder will work in almost all UK homes, no matter how they receive their television. At launch TiVo will be compatible with analogue and digital terrestrial, digital satellite and analogue cable services (digital cable compatibility available soon).

TiVo benefits

1. Pause Live TV
Never again will viewers have to miss a crucial television moment to go to the door or answer the telephone. TiVo can actually pause live television for up to 30 minutes enabling the viewer to instantly stop the action. When they return they can pick up the programme exactly where they left off.

Another first is the ability to rewind live programmes. Football fans will not have to rely on the traditional TV station to provide action replays to get a second look at controversial incidents. With TiVo they can instantly rewind or fast forward the on-screen images.

2. Record without Videotapes
The days of hunting around for blank videotapes to record programmes will be history as TiVo digitally records up to 40 hours of programmes on to a built in hard drive.

3. Automatically record every episode of a series
By selecting a Season Pass, TiVo records every episode of a series so you need never miss your favourite programme again.

4. Teach TiVo Your Viewing Preferences No one knows your viewing preferences better than you. With TiVo’s intelligent recording system viewers can teach TiVo likes and dislikes so that it can suggest or even record programmes you may like to watch at a later date. Viewers can teach the system what type of programmes they like by pressing the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ buttons on the remote control.

5. On Screen Programme Guide TiVo’s On Screen Programme Guide enables viewers to locate programmes by name, channel, date and time. This feature will give analogue terrestrial and analogue cable viewers their first experience of a true interactive programme guide.

As part of the TiVo subscription the viewer receives a daily listing update, sent directly through your phone line. To access the service simply plug the TiVo box directly into your television service and phone line. There’s no need for more than one phone line as TiVo supplies an adapter upon purchase.