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'Tivo's back in town!'



This week's issue of industry newsletter New Media Markets says that the US PVR pioneer TiVo is talking to Korean manufacturer Humax about launching a TiVo box into the Freeview market.
TiVo is believed to have sold around 25,000 PVRs in the UK before it decided to stop licensing the technology to Thomson and effectively abandoned the UK market.

Humax announced it had licensed the TiVo technology for the US market earlier this month. It plans to launch a TiVo box there mid-year with an internal DVD recorder, according to NMM.

Humax has already launched a single-tuner PVR into the Freeview market, and had been planning to follow this up with a twin-tuner model later this year.


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Now that might be something worth having providing it records the digital stream directly to hard disk.

And providing the price is right of course...