To Clone Or Not To Clone.

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Browsing this forum is a pleasure. My big thanks to all people involved.
Over the last couple of weeks I've been able to learn great deal about satellite stuff.
Unfortunately some of the posts and links by now are slightly out of date.
Is it currently possible to successfully clone/duplicate authentic S*eca card which I purchased recently to receive C*fra + from Hotbird?
I came across stand alone copiers but I guess they wouldn't work as the card is bound to be coded and so goes probably the same for using programs like MKFind. Or am I wrong?
Would use of such hardware or software erase/modify or endanger in any way the original card?
All I am trying to achieve is to be able to watch different channels in separate rooms. Are there any other alternatives if cloning is not possible?
My setup is 2 x Humax PVR 8000 with 2 x Matrix Rev V2.25 set on Hotbird.
Many thanks in advance for any help offered.


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Hope that's not yer chip n pin code lol

Cloning is not an option. If it was that simple there would be a full industry based around it. A number of programmers automatically wipe the card in order to identify what the card is so beware. As regards a solution, sorry unable to help I'll have to leave that to others.