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Hi i tried to PM you rob but wouldnt let me so here goes....This is in regared to your reply to my latvia post.

'If I were you I would get myself a fixed 80cm dish and aim it at Sirius 5 east.
I would then get myself a nice simple receiver like my one a Technomate TM-1000D for about £70-80, and then get it "patched" at Alsats. You can try the Dreambox but the Technomate is a lot easier to use, as well as cheaper.

You will then be able to receive ALL the Russian and Ukrainian channels on Sirius. After a while you could add a motor or a monoblock (I think that is possible, if not someone will soon let us know) to it and then get ALL the Russian channels from Hotbird 13 east.

It seems that Latvia are starting there own FTA channel on 1st October from Sirius called TV5. For more info try:-

Best of luck

Im taking your advice and i found this site..... Is the Technomate system worth £300? Will i be able to upgrade it? Will i only recive russian channels or other language channels aswell? How many channels would i be looking at reciving with that basic package.

Thk you so much.


Now leaving, thanks all.
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I think that you will find you need a few more posts before you can send PM's and Emails via the board.
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