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to rolfw and other PID experts


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Firstly I have read the following from the nokia website

What is "manual PID input" and how does it work?
Programs, which are not broadcast in accordance with the DVB standard, have a number of bits of data, which are "shunted" out of position during digital transmission. As a result, all you see is a black screen. With manual PID input, the data can be realigned for problem-free viewing. The required information is published in the latest issues of satellite program listings magazines.

rolfw I know I have many stations which are flagged free to air but instead show a black screen. I cannot remeber which ones. I have never entered a pid manually because I have never understood what they do until now. I am thinking there are free channels I should be viewing but have not until this article I have read. Can you give me a few channels which need manual PID to view. Sorry if I have not made myself clear.


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Rai is one that allegedly changes data stream info on a regular basis

PID adjustment can also be used to resolve the audio into an alternative language